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Is it tuesday?

My favorite thing in the world isn’t just that exists…
It’s that has an RSS feed.

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I <3 Google!

In the normal course of using Google Maps today, I discovered they replaced the typical white hand cursor with a black one… very cool.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(Another graphic brought to you by the awesome Shepard Fairey!)

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Bluetooth Image Light Writer

Bluetooth, a simple microcontroller, and an RGB LED. I stream image data over to the micro from Processing, so I can change the color in real time, or by a preset image. It pauses after each row, so I can move the writer to a new position if I’d like. I’ll post more when I get better working with it.

//Bluetooth LightWrite —Dylan Moore 2008. Thanks, arduino!

void setup()

int r,g,b;
int incomingByte = 0; 
void loop()

    analogWrite(9,r); //R
    analogWrite(11,g); //G
    analogWrite(10,b); //B
    if (Serial.available() > 0) 
        incomingByte =;
        if(incomingByte==255) //this will be the transition number while (Serial.available()<=0); 
        incomingByte =;
        incomingByte =; g=incomingByte;
        incomingByte =; b=incomingByte;

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From Wikipedia:

Camera tossing
Perhaps the most risky field of kinetic photography is that of camera tossing, in which the photographer literally throws their equipment into the air in hopes of producing an artistic looking image. Many camera tosses take place at night, when the camera is able to capture light with a long exposure, resulting in streaks of hypnotizing light patterns. The pioneer of camera tossing, Ryan Gallagher, hosts a blog on the subject in which he goes further into detail about the technique involved. The basics include using a timer or slow shutter speed, pressing the shutter button and quickly throwing the camera into the air (during, or just before, the photograph is exposed) and then catching the camera before it hits the ground.

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Sweet God, yes.

Inane youtube discovery by the researchers in the DAL. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen… ever. Be warned.

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"Obaba" [sic] Spycam belt buckle?

What my Axis Of Evil camera investigation has turned up lately:

Obaba Buckle DVR a handsome black man face have a hidden camera and a micro DVR built in. you can take Hidden Video with Audio with our Obaba Buckle DVR for Spy or Investigation it gives you the ability to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important. Ideal for hidden camera use where wireless camera can be detected easily with a wireless camera detector. This Buckle was originally carved in a WOOD but we changed this beautiful master piece of work in aluminium mould, now it looks even better and beautiful fashionable belt buckle. you can wear it as a normal belt on your Jeans yet it can record audio and video of your spy need.

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o rly?

I love suggested searches on google. Check out these two…

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Cat Brain

An interesting article with an absurd picture & caption:

Researchers have been using bits of computer code called neural networks that seek to represent connections of neurons. They can be programmed to solve a particular problem – behaviour that appears to be the same as learning.
But this approach is fundamentally different.
“The issue with neural networks and artificial intelligence is that they seek to engineer limited cognitive functionalities one at a time. They start with an objective and devise an algorithm to achieve it,” Dr Modha says.

Cat n' mouse (AFP/Getty)
The ultimate goal is to create a circuit with the complexity of a cat’s brain

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Axis of Evil
Gist: I inherited a network security camera that no longer has a functional imager. BUT, it still runs unix. So, I wrote a bunch of bash scripts for the thing, hooked it up to the internet, and let it chug.

It google searches for other surveillance camera technology, and then blogs what it finds. Every so often, it gets an interesting hit, which I’ll highlight here. [Note—see obaba spy cam post above!]


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