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Notes: Time off to-do list



Time off to-do list

Dec 10, 02:48 PM

Have a moment with nature, note it
Pay a compliment to a stranger
Go somewhere new in LA
Find an event and go to it
Make a small piece of art
Gift something to a friend
Draw something
Eat lunch with a friend
Take ten photos of something visible
Take ten photos with abstract lenses
Take ten photos of something in IR
Fix one thing in your apartment
Learn how to cook one new dish
Read two chapters from your reading list
Learn something new
Teach or help someone to do something
Bike along the beach
Play a song on your guitar
Take a bus line you’ve never been on
Thrift shop for something under $10
Finish organizing your CD backups
Add two more items to this list
Make one change in your life for the better
Paint, collage, or alter a found item
Sit in a cafe for at least half an hour
People watch
Investigate DTLA
Visualize a dataset
Use three electronic parts in a new way
Discover a new band
Enjoy your top three favorite albums
Finish scanning in old paper docs, burn them