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Notes: Open Terminal Here & Automator



Open Terminal Here & Automator

Dec 21, 10:37 AM

For those of you who use terminal regularly, and want a few ways of getting to it quicker, here are some goodies.

1. Open Terminal Here
This is a script that you can drop into the toolbar of your normal finder window, and when clicked, will launch a terminal window that’s been cd’d to that directory. Really cool, if you want to try something different from the usual ‘drag the folder icon into the terminal’ shortcut to get to a specific place.

2. I like hot keys. It’s true. And I wanted a hot key to launch terminal, and I didn’t want third party stuff choking my OS. Here’s the solution I came up with.: Make an automator project that opens terminal, and save it as a Service, which puts it in the app menu; under “Keyboard prefs” in the system prefs, you can now set a hot key for it. I opted for Apple-Shift-T, which mirrors Apple-Shift-A and U for applications and Utilities in the finder, but it’ll take away “convert to plain text” in textedit. That’ll bring terminal up from any app.

Here’s the automator project for download, though it’s super-basic.

1. Uncompress & drop it into ~/Library/Services/ (Or open it in automator & save.)
2. Add your shortcut in Keyboard Prefs.
3. Rejoice.