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Notes: Updates on 100 projects:



Updates on 100 projects:

Jul 28, 09:16 AM

1. PrairieDogs: Chris Jensen will be presenting our pDog research at the Ecological Society of America this August. I’m very excited to hear how the work is received; there hasn’t been a whole lot of individual-model simulation software developed for ecologists, so hopefully my software and Chris & Jen’s research with it will make a good impression.
ESA Annual Meeting, 2009-Virtual prairie dogs weigh in on the Resource Dispersion Hypothesis

2. Meros has been accepted to the SIGGRAPH 2009 SpaceTime Gallery.

3. I’m working with Melanie Crean on some visualization software for the Shape of Change project. I’ll post links once we have it all online!
Shape of Change

4. Full steam ahead coordinating the Emerging Technologies venue at SIGGRAPH this year. We have fantastic contributors showing off their latest research. If you happen to be in New Orleans from August 3rd-7th, Etech should be on your list of things to check out!
Emerging Technologies

5. The great job hunt continues now that I’ve finished my MFA. Great time for a recession, let me tell you.