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Notes: FACE pt 1



FACE pt 1

Jun 6, 01:08 AM

An update on a new project that I’m working on with Aaron Cohen called FACE: Facial Animation Capture Engine. FACE is a research project here at the Digital Arts Lab , conceived and directed by Rob O’Neill.

The goal of this project is to make a highly versatile, usable open source motion capture system that can be made at home for less than 350$. Right now, we’re using two b&w i-fire cameras (~160 each) set up in a stereo pair. The software is being developed in Xcode, using OpenCV, GLUT & OpenGL, and cvBlobsLib. Software and plans will be available soon, via the Digital Arts Lab (DAL). Right now, we’re using two desk lamps to light retroreflective spots of tape. It works surprisingly well; as the setup and software matures, I think we’ll have a very inexpensive and reasonable system for students and independent artists to use.

(Please excuse the tron-light-cycle style 3D grid. We needed something to show tracked points, and well, didn’t want to spend more than five minutes on that part. The final visuals will be much, much better!)

What you’re seeing: The two camera rig with desk lamps, and me with a spot of tape on my finger. On the screen: The upper half shows the two video streams, right and left camera respectively. On the lower half, the tracked point in 3D, reconstructed from the corresponding points.