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Notes: It's Alive!



It's Alive!

Feb 25, 10:45 AM

Pictures of my multi touch table, and the obligatory movie of IR blobs. I don’t have the compliant surface on yet, so it’s a little faint. But you can still see the frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) effect. Hoorah.

The full frame, wired with IR LEDs every inch, with wooden inlay.

Dual pivot points on either side of frame allow for tilting.

All edges are mitered, and pinned together.

The under-the-hood IR led wiring.

IR LEDs against inlay, without plexiglass inserted.

Tilting mechanism.

Here is a short clip of the raw IR video, as Aaron Cohen places his fingertips against the plexiglass. This is only with ONE side of the IR LEDs illuminating, on the left. The bright spots on the right are caused by light that has made it all the way across to the other side. The finger spots are a little fainter because of the 1/4th illumination used, and a lack of compliant surface. Enjoy!

Click to Play!