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Jan 26, 10:24 PM

This is unrelated to my thesis or research, but it’s one of today’s issues that I feel very strongly about: Equal Rights.

This could be a long post, moving from the 3/5ths compromise, to the Womens’ suffrage success in 1920, to the definition, and redefinition of marriage. But I’ll spare the fifth grade civics book report for another time. I’ll simply jump right in and say that I would have thought that our country had come to a general consensus that Jim Crow laws were wrong—or at least in violation of the constitution. We’ve had a dozen or so episodes in our history where people have fought back against oppression, and won. History for which we either celebrate holidays, or at the very least openly acknowledge as progress for all citizens. All citizens.

But new Jim Crow laws are here, separate but equal all the way down the line. Not sure what I mean? Check it out:

Same-sex marriages
States granting rights similar to marriage
States granting limited/enumerated rights
Foreign same-sex marriages recognized
Statute bans same-sex marriage
Constitution bans same-sex marriage
Constitution bans same-sex marriage and other kinds of same-sex unions

Cause people loving each other is really something the states have to pass laws against. This isn’t just an issue for gay people to take up—the underground railroad didn’t run itself. This is an issue for all citizens. The rights of any one citizen are inalienable… and the second its okay to deny some for a few, you’re opening the door. I’ll end with one other thought: I’ve never been comfortable with how close some religions and homophobia walk with each other. I’m pretty sure this map is a good indication of just exactly where the erosion between church and state is at its worst. …If you have a minute, check it against this year’s presidential electoral map. You may see some similar artifacts…